Funnyball: July 29th at 2pm

Wanna play softball alongside a bunch of funny friends in Central Park…for free?

Join us! No experience/glove/skill necessary!

  • 1:30pm – arrive and stretch/chat/toss a ball
  • 2 – 2:30pm – batting practice
  • 2:30 – 4pm – scrimmage
  • 4pm – ? – Grab drink(s) at the Gin Mill

Just show up…or, better yet, join “Funnyball” on facebook and give us a heads up here:

Opening Day 2017: July 1st

July 1st isn’t just for Canadians anymore…

It’s for improvisers that want to play softball in Central Park for free.  Come join the fun if you’ve never been before – even if you have never played before.

Join us! No experience/glove/skill necessary!

12:30pm – arrive and stretch/chat/toss a ball
1 – 1:30pm – batting practice
1:30 – 3pm – scrimmage
3pm – ? – Grab drink(s) at the Gin Mill

It happens that Funnyball falls on Canada Day so feel free to “dress Canadian”


JOIN the Funnyball Facebook group here:

2017 Funnyball Season

Opening Day 2017: July 1st

(It’s also Canada Day so, uh, dress Canadian!)

2017 Funnyball Season

Jul 1st

1 – 3pm

Jul 8th

no game

Jul 15th

no game

Jul 22nd

no game

Jul 29th

2 – 4pm

Aug 5th

2 – 4pm

Aug 12th

2 – 4pm

Aug 19th

2 – 4pm

Aug 26th

2 – 4pm

The Funnyball Mission…and rulebook

As you may (or may not) know, Funnyball brings comedians together to play softball for free in Central Park! Comedians of various experience levels play softball (at various experience levels) alongside each other in an effort to maximize fun. Mistakes, bad calls, and errors are just as welcome as late inning lead changes, highlight catches, and home runs. After all, in comedy, mistakes are treated as gifts!

Funnyball’s mission…
To create an open atmosphere that celebrates what is great about softball that would be both appealling to an experienced player and encouraging to a first-timer.


  • No one strikes out the first time through the line-up
  • No first-timers strikes out the entire day
  • No walks. Each batter gets three swings or 10 pitches
  • No intentional bunts.
  • No disputing the bad calls. Sorry, in advance.
  • No leading off. Baserunners can run on contact.
  • No doubling off inexperienced players.
  • ‘Yes, and’ the fun!

Funnyball IX, 2016: Finaleball

It’s the final Funnyball!

If you haven’t come yet, come today at 2pm to Central Park’s Great Lawn Field #3 and stay for the scrimmage and post-game drinks.  All are welcome.  No experience or equipment required.

Funnyball VIII, 2016: Penultimate ball

Second to last chance to be a part of Funnyball 2016.  Come one, come all.  No skill or equipment necessary.

warm-ups start at 1:30pm, batting practice at 2pm, and scrimmage at 2:30pm…

then it’s off to the Gin Mill for post-game drinks!

hope to see you there!

2-4pm @the Great Lawn Field #3
cost: free

Funnyball VII: More Hats!

pic of everyone wearing hats

Hats the way we like it!

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 3.06.21 AM

Excessive Hat warning! All Funnyballers are encouraged to stay well hatdrated.

Warm-ups start at 1:30pm in Central Park’s Great Lawn Field #3
2pm – batting practice
2:30pm – scrimmage (with hydration breaks)
4pm – postgame drinks @the Gin Mill

Funnyball VI, 2016: Hat Day!

Saturday, August 6th from 2-4pm we’ll meet at Central Park’s Great Lawn, Field #3 to play softball in our new hats.  There is a suggested-but-n0t-required donation of $5 – all  proceeds go to offsetting the price of the permits.

Hope you can make it!

Funnyball II, 2016: 3-6pm at North Meadow Field #12

Today’s game (Saturday, July 9th, 2016) is the only with a slightly later start time and on a different field.  The field is located just north of 97th Street Traverse, just east of the middle of the park.  Note that we have a permit from 3pm – 6pm (3 hours) today and the weather is cloudy enough for pale people like me to play all day!

Hope to see you there!