The Funnyball Mission…and rulebook

As you may (or may not) know, Funnyball brings comedians together to play softball for free in Central Park! Comedians of various experience levels play softball (at various experience levels) alongside each other in an effort to maximize fun. Mistakes, bad calls, and errors are just as welcome as late inning lead changes, highlight catches, and home runs. After all, in comedy, mistakes are treated as gifts!

Funnyball’s mission…
To create an open atmosphere that celebrates what is great about softball that would be both appealling to an experienced player and encouraging to a first-timer.


  • No one strikes out the first time through the line-up
  • No first-timers strikes out the entire day
  • No walks. Each batter gets three swings or 10 pitches
  • No intentional bunts.
  • No disputing the bad calls. Sorry, in advance.
  • No leading off. Baserunners can run on contact.
  • No doubling off inexperienced players.
  • ‘Yes, and’ the fun!